This is my online portfolio. It hosts a representative sample of my work, and should give you a pretty good idea of what I'm about and what I do.

Take a look around, see what you like. Let me know if there's anything I can do for you.
Recent Work

02-22-12: I recently worked with Productive Playhouse on an eCard for American Greetings. Using prefabricated buildings and accessories, I layed out and built a miniature Christmas village about to recieve an unexpected visitor. You can check out the finished video here.

08-10-11: After an expented period of preperations and Making It Happen, I've moved out of Ohio to California. Today marks day one in Los Angeles.

06-11-10: Another round of updates, including work from my time at Hidden Television.

11-16-08: I've been back in Ohio for a little while now. I've had a very full six and a half weeks on the road with many sights, sounds, and experiences. As invigorating as it was, I"m also kind of exhausted.

09-30-08: I am about to head out of town on a rather large road trip, principally to look at some cities as places to live. I'll be blogging about the trip here:

05-23-07: 'Just finished a massive update and redesign for the site. I've added a large backlog of new and old work, reorganized and restructred the galleries, and generally updated and cleaned up the site navigation.